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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Shoulder Replacement Relieves Years of Progressive Pain

Posted By: Advancing Care

Donna Hagedorn, 64, an Orange County resident and former school bus driver, is back to doing what she loves thanks to a total shoulder replacement at St. Anthony Community Hospital. 

Hagadorn was at her wits end dealing with the pain she had experienced for years. The pain came from normal wear and tear, but it finally got to the point where the pain interfered with her everyday activities.

“My shoulder would just throb, the pain was unbearable” says Hagedorn. “Even lifting a dinner plate resulted in tremendous pain.”

In April 2021, she scheduled an appointment with John Juliano, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at WMCHealth’s St. Anthony Community Hospital. After imaging revealed the source of Hagedorn’s pain was from bone-on-bone contact, (complete joint space narrowing), she was promptly referred to Daniel Tomlinson, MD, Director of the Sports Medicine and Shoulder Program who was fellowship trained at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

John Juliano, MD and Daniel Tomlinson, MD

After careful review of her x-rays, Dr. Tomlinson recommended a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Tomlinson walked Hagedorn through the process, explaining everything in detail. The surgery was scheduled and performed the following month.

“Shoulder replacement surgery is a major decision. Patients should be provided with all the information upfront, including what to expect in recovery, so they can make the best decision about moving forward,” said Dr. Tomlinson.

Hagedorn followed all post-surgical care instructions closely and was committed to her physical therapy regimen. After her recovery period and a final post-surgery appointment with Dr. Tomlinson the following year, she was able to resume her usual activities and enjoy a full range of motion, pain free.

Today, two years after surgery, Hagedorn says there’s a dramatic difference in how she feels. Hagedorn continues to have full mobility in her shoulder and does activities more easily now. Now retired, Hagedorn is spending more time playing with her grandchildren. She is now an active swimmer and has even taken up rowing, something Hagedorn wouldn’t have thought possible before the surgery. 

“Dr. Tomlinson not only had strong credentials, but just as important, I felt very comfortable with him personally,” Hagedorn shares. “I had a wonderful experience at St. Anthony Community Hospital. The nurses were very attentive, and my physical therapy team was fantastic. I was grateful to be able to have this surgery in my community; there was no need to travel far to receive superior care.”

Hagedorn recommends anyone experiencing shoulder pain that is getting more and more intense, to see Dr. Tomlinson and consider total shoulder replacement surgery at St. Anthony Community Hospital.

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