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Monday, December 20, 2021

Robotic-Arm-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Posted By: Advancing Care

Joint pain can affect individuals of all ages and can be prevalent in active seniors. Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is a common form of arthritis that occurs when cartilage inside a joint wears down over time. As a result, the joint becomes increasingly painful and difficult to move.

Robotic-arm-assisted total knee replacement procedures are now helping to make some implant placements at St. Anthony Community Hospital more precise and aligned with each patient’s unique anatomy. This personalized precision can speed recovery times and increase the longevity of the implant.

The surgical robot’s modeling software uses data from X-rays to create a 3D image of the patient’s knee joint, which surgeons use to build a customized plan to execute the procedure with greater accuracy. With this personalized patient data, the surgeon uses cameras and optical trackers to guide the robotic-arm and position the implant based on the patient’s unique anatomy.

To learn more and see the robot in action, scan the QR code.