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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Focus on Philanthropy With Dr. Jenny Sung

Posted By: Advancing Care

Dr. Sung is the Site Director, Pediatric Hospitalist Program, for Maria Fareri Children’s Healthcare Services at MidHudson Regional Hospital.

As seen in the February 2021 Issue of Advancing Care.
Photos courtesy of WMCHealth / Top: Shanaya Singh

We asked five students in WMCHealth’s Mid-Hudson Valley Early Education Center — part of MidHudson Regional Hospital — to interview Dr. Jenny Sung about the importance of philanthropy. The development team came up with the questions and the children then turned the words into beautiful and creative artwork, which they presented to Dr. Sung.

Dr. Jenny Sung

Shanaya Singh, age 5:
Why did you become a pediatrician?

I became a pediatrician because kids are awesome. I love taking care of them so I can make them feel better and healthier as quickly as I possibly can so they can get back to their families.

Wyatt Sarmiento

Wyatt Sarmiento, age 4:
What role does philanthropy play for Maria Fareri Children’s Healthcare Services?

Philanthropy is very important in the mission of the Maria Fareri Children’s Healthcare Services. Generous contributors enable us to deliver the best care to the children in our community and provide a full complement of services to children and their families. We view our contributors as part of our team that cares for our children and families.

Avery Maurer

Avery Maurer, age 4:
Are there any items, services or equipment the community can give?

At Maria Fareri Children’s Healthcare Services, we have the medical expertise to take care of the children, but sometimes we just need to make health care a little bit friendlier to children. It’s really important for the communities to support the children, especially when they’re hospitalized. Things that can brighten up their days like toys, story time, pet therapy services, and special visitors make a hospital experience just a little bit easier.

Timothy Herburger

Timothy Herburger, age 4:
What brightens a child’s day when they are in the hospital?

I think a good way for the kids to just feel a little better while they’re receiving medical treatment in the hospital is to have toys available for them when they feel a bit better and want to play, taking their mind off of their illness. We look forward to the day when we can have therapy dogs visit the children again. Nothing puts a smile on a child’s face like those furry supporters.

Kiann Gautam

Kiaan Gautam, age 4:
What is the best way for people in our community to support Maria Fareri Children’s Healthcare Services?

People can best help Maria Fareri Healthcare Services by joining us as a supporter. It takes more than doctors, nurses and medicine to make a child feel better and get better, faster. They need support for themselves and their families. Nothing beats an entire community throwing their support behind something, and Maria Fareri Children’s Healthcare Services is a special something that people can really get behind for the children, their families, and our entire community.

To learn more about ways to engage with any WMCHealth hospital, please contact the Westchester Medical Center Foundation office at 914.493.2575 or email [email protected].