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Monday, December 20, 2021

Diagnosing and Treating Genetic and Metabolic Conditions

Posted By: Advancing Care
genetic conditions

Adobe Stock / Sergey Nivens

Many genetic disorders must be identified early in life and treated as children mature into adolescents and on through adulthood. WMCHealth Physicians Advanced Medical Genetics is now assisting families and individuals with the initial diagnosis and long-term treatment of genetic and metabolic conditions, such as phenylketonuria (PKU), lysosomal disorders and Pompe disease, through WMCHealth Physicians Advanced Medical Genetics.

Advanced Medical Genetics has provided care for genetic and metabolic disorders for many years and has extensive experience in clinical and molecular genetics, as well as genetic counseling. Services are provided by an established team of physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians and other board-certified professionals who have transitioned services into a practice within WMCHealth Physicians.

To learn more about pediatric and adult genetic screening, diagnosis and treatment, counseling, prenatal testing and testing for predisposition to inherited diseases, scan the QR code.