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WMCHealth Network's Commitment

At WMCHealth, we champion the diversity of our workforce and our patient population as a source of strength that allows us to be more innovative, more efficient, more effective, and more responsive to the needs of the diverse communities we serve. We are committed to partnering with community-based stakeholders to ensure that WMCHealth is welcoming and inclusive for ALL.

WMCHealth Salud is Designed To:

  • Strengthen relationships between WMCHealth hospitals/health facilities and the diverse communities of Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland, Ulster, and Orange Counties.
  • Partner with community-based organizations and external stakeholders (schools, faith-based institutions, local businesses, non-profits, government entities, etc.) to support health and wellness activities.
  • Participate and support community-related initiatives and events designed to raise awareness about chronic health conditions.
  • Inform and educate community members and external stakeholders about the social determinants of health.

A Special Focus

A 2014 community needs assessment conducted by Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth) identified nine zip codes throughout the region where health care transformation efforts are most needed. WMCSalud is an initiative designed to reduce gaps in care across our diverse communities by improving access to high quality patient-driven care, enhancing health and wellness education, and serving as a resource for critical information on available health, wellness, and social support services.


If you would like more information about WMCHealth or the WMCSalud initiative, please contact Lillian Jimenez at | (914) 326-1503.

What to do when your child is sick?

As part of the WMC Salud initiative of educating Latinos/as in the Hudson Valley, we are distributing the book, “What To Do When Your Child Is Sick” in Spanish and English to parents of small children at our events and at those of our partners.