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Diversity and Inclusion


WMCHealth Network Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

We provide the best care when we understand how our patients’ experience and values inform their views, and how they expect and deserve to receive treatment. In our day-to-day operations, we are shaping a patient-centered and family-supported environment that lets our patients, families, and employees know that they are understood, respected and supported across the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth).

Definition of Diversity and Inclusion

We define diversity as the unique differences and similarities that our workforce, patients, families, physicians, volunteers and communities bring to our environment. We believe that diversity encompasses much more than race and gender. It is a variety of characteristics, visible and not, that distinguish one individual from another. These characteristics include but are not limited to age, culture, religious beliefs, personal values, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity, race, physical abilities, education, profession, service or trade.

Inclusion is defined as the active engagement of all members of our community in which their unique differences and similarities are considered, understood and leveraged for best clinical outcomes and best workplace experience. We believe that WMCHealth is enriched by the diversity of our workforce and those in our care.

Promoting health equity, reducing health disparities, increasing access and opportunities, and fostering an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all are facets of healthcare transformation that WMCHealth has enthusiastically embraced.

Our Commitment

WMCHealth is committed to meaningfully engaging the supplier diversity community by proactively engaging the diverse businesses located throughout the communities we serve. Our supplier diversity initiatives focus on cultivating partnerships with Minority and Women – Owned Business Enterprises (“MWBEs”) and Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (“SDVOBs”). At WMCHealth, we understand that supplier diversity supports local communities, generates fresh perspectives and drives innovation, which enhances our competitive advantage. Ensuring that our procurement opportunities are open to all members of the diverse communities we serve is a top priority. For WMC Health, investing in the economic health and wellness of our diverse communities is good business.

Our Engagement Efforts

  • Partnering with MWBEs/SDVOBs to raise awareness about WMC’s procurement opportunities
  • Educating MWBEs/SDVOBs about WMCHealth procurement policies and practices
  • Host on-site and community-based outreach events for MWBE/SDVOB community
  • Sponsor supplier diversity events and organizations Attain organizational memberships in supplier diversity organizations/associations
  • Proactive communication regarding WMCHealth procurement opportunities


Please visit our website at to view current procurement opportunities or contact Iliana Carmona, Corporate Director of Contracts, at to inquire about additional opportunities.

WMCHealth’s Board Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee of the Board will champion diversity and inclusion across the Network by providing valuable advice and guidance regarding the implementation of WMCHealth’s Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

WMCHealth’s Diversity Council

Comprised of diverse members representing a cross-section of workforce areas that compose our Network, the WMCHealth Diversity Council will support diversity and inclusion efforts by providing insight and feedback regarding ongoing initiatives.

WMCHealth’s Community Relations Council

The WMCHealth Community Relations Council will ensure greater alignment of the Network’s external engagement efforts, resulting in increased efficiency, strategic partnership building, uniform messaging, and greater collective impact.