We are pleased to announce a new Joint Venture for the Hudson Valley, fully focused on ensuring that the residents of our region have access to the highest level of care, as close to home as possible. Westchester Medical Center (WMC) and Bon Secours Charity Health System (BSCHS) have a long history together and our new agreement will solidify this partnership and enable us to bring more services to the people of our region, where we all live.

The transaction has many pieces.  WMC will become the third, but majority corporate member of BSCHS along with Bon Secours Health System Inc. and the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth.  WMC will actively manage the Bon Secours Charity hospitals and other facilities, as well as all existing WMC facilities, for a total of 1,900 inpatient hospital beds, 166 nursing home beds, 3,000 physicians and a dedicated workforce of nearly 12,000.

BSCHS has been a vital link to quality care for those living and working in and around Rockland and Orange counties and that will not change.  WMC will play an integral role in ensuring the continuation and enhancement of the services and programs upon which the people of the area have come to rely on and expect.

This commitment is twofold: First, to retain services currently provided at BSCHS locations, and second, to enhance and strengthen many offerings that currently exist, including such critical services as cardiac surgery, trauma and senior services. At the same time, the relationship adds advanced-care services such as neonatology and neurosciences, and expands academic and research opportunities.  The Bon Secours Charity facilities will remain Catholic healthcare providers.

This new relationship will allow us to leverage economies of scale and share clinical best practices, providing the can be cared for on any of our campuses in their community, while sending only those who need the advanced care medical expertise of WMC to the WMC Valhalla campus – as has been the case in the past.

Based on a decade of positive performance at WMC, the return to fiscal stability at MidHudson Regional Hospital in its first year aligned with WMC, and our significant profile in New York State’s DSRIP program, we believe our growing network is well positioned to thrive.

We are also pleased at this time to introduce WMCHealth, the Westchester Medical Center Health Network, which unifies all of our well-known brands across our region with a new identity, sending a clear message about the strength and scale of our new organization, one uniquely centered around the residents of the Hudson Valley.

Westchester Medical Center was born and raised, so to speak, in the Hudson Valley, and now we are reshaping health care here.  We take our responsibility to the healthcare and economic fabric of the region very seriously, and our commitment to ensure that we all have the finest care available here in the Hudson Valley has never been stronger.



Michael D. Israel       
President and CEO
WMC Health